Hawaii Half IM 2018

It’s been nearly a year since my son decided to go and live with his father. He went up for the school holidays and decided to not come back.

It has left a massive hole in my heart not getting to see him everyday but has also made me aware that time moves on and things change, kids grow up and move on and you have to try and keep moving forward.

His sister and i have adapted to not having him around, she has suddenly become the only child in the house but i think it has brought us closer.

Not long after he left MG decided we would go to Hawaii for his 50th. While i really wasn’t in the mood for good times in hindsight having goals and things to look forward to has helped to get me through some dark days.

Twelve weeks of training with the Retro crew quickly lead to the day that we flew out of Coffs Harbour bound for Waikoloa on the big Island of Hawaii.

This was only my second overseas trip and certainly the longest flight i had ever been on – jet lag was horrendous! Thankful we were met at the airport by our Coach and tour guide Andrew who spent the day dragging us around the island in and out of shops to try and keep up from curling up in our hotel room and going to sleep at midday!

The first week of our trip was dedicated to preparing for race day. The winds we encountered riding on the highway were the stuff of nightmares. I was completely freaking out, the gusts would literally blow you onto the road. We all prayed for better conditions come race day!

Thankful race day dawned and the conditions were perfect. The 2km swim over the reef  was one of the most magnificent ocean swims i have ever done. Exciting the swim with some of the other Retro girls we headed out on the bike praying the wind would stay calm.

The ride was going well, better than i expected, when i got a flat tyre, thankfully i had had a few in training in the weeks before the race so at least know what to do to fix it. Once i had the tube changed i jumped back on the bike to head back into the race precinct for the run leg.

The run is legendary for its heat – i mean it would have to be with a name like Hells Kitchen – and it didn’t disappoint! It was one tough slog to get through the 21.1km but in a way i totally loved it. All the volunteers were absolutely amazing i had never experienced anything like it before. It certainly made the day!

I finished a bit under my goal time but still pleased with a time of 5hrs54min. It was an amazing experience to race overseas with such a great crew of people and i am truly grateful to Andrew and the other Retro Crew for such an amazing trip.