Walshpool Heritage Trail Run

After the Gold Coast Half my body needed a good rest and time to rebuild but my mind still wanted the challenge of training for a goal. A few friends had been up to do the Walshpool Heritage Trail Run and raved about it. The race weaves through the spectacular Walshpool and Gibraltar Rangers National Parks and takes in sections of the Gibraltar-Walshpool World Heritage Walk.

I had never done a train run before so was really looking forward to the challenge and the change of scenery that running off road offered. I developed a very easy training plan based around one day of speed work (Parkrun), one day of easy long running, and one track set with a few swims and rides thrown in for some cross training.

I also added in hill running, something I had always hated doing but I knew was necessary for a race of this kind. I really enjoyed the training and running over the headland watching the sun rise over the ocean became a great way to start Thursdays!

The race I had entered was 26km. There were a few other locals going up to do the 50km race, what an adventure that would be!

The weekend of the race the weather was terrible. Torrential rain and high wind battered the coast. I was driving up the day before the race and spending the night sleeping in the Subaru – the very reason i’d brought one!