New Years Day Fun Run

The Sawtell New Years Day Fun Run is always a fantastic way to start the year. With a range of races to suit everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, the beautiful village of Sawtell puts on a fantastic race.

The kids were stepping up this year to compete in the 5.25km event for the first time, I was really excited to be sharing the experience with them and I love that they have an interest in being involved in running.

The day was going to be a hot one and as we warmed up so did the temperatures. I noticed Karlie Swanson, who has taken out the race for a number of years on the sidelines as she was back from college in America. She had injured her knee and wasn’t racing this year, finally I might have a chance of taking out the race!

Getting Jorja settled and lining up on the start line I knew some of the younger Coffs runners would be working hard to fight me for the win. When the  gun went they took off and I thought to myself that maybe I had been a bit cocking thinking I had the win without Karlie there!


Heading out of the main street and up to the hill top shop I had caught the front pack of girls who were fading after hitting out so hard at the start. The heat started to ramp up and I was very grateful for the Sawtell residents who came out with hoses to spray water on us and keep us cool. It wasn’t long before the first of the boys caught us, they were simply flying, fantastic to watch!

Once back through the main street the race is nearly over apart for the killer hill (which isn’t really a killer – just feels like it at this point in the race). I managed to get up it but thought that I had been overtaken by another lady that had seemed to come out of nowhere and mowed me down.

As I crossed the finish line I thought that I had come in second place until Karlie came over to congratulate me on the win!

My time wasn’t as fast as last years (21:31) but I was very happy to get a win and the prize money.

Jorja finished strongly being 4th in her age group and pushing really hard to the finish line, Mark took out third in his age group and Kayne got 4th in his – a successful day out for the whole family!

The Coffs Coast Little Athletics Club do a fantastic job organising the race and also the 100m sprint events that follow it at the Sawtell New Years Fun Day.

To see some of the fun at the Sawtell News Fun Day head to the Coffs Coast Advocate website.



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