North Coast Road Race Championships

Winter is defiantly not my favourite time of year. I hate the cold with a passion. We jumped in the car on a freezing cold Sunday morning and headed up to Corindi for the annual Road Race Championships.

It was 3deg when we left home, there was a fair bit of whinging coming from my mouth! This was our last hit out before the Gold Coast so a full race day nutrition plan was enacted.

I took on the Coaches recommendation of dairy free rice cream, banana and honey for breakfast. Running a few warm up laps my guts were grumbling away, much to Marks amusement. I was still clad in a million layers of clothing when Pheobey mentioned that she had fresh baked Portuguese Custard Tarts for us when we crossed the finish line, oh lord i was salivating at the very thought!

Race director Steel encouraged us to take our layers of clothing off and line up for the race start. Chucking a gel into my guts for the sake of testing race day nutrition and peeling my gloves off i was ready to go!

The race is 15km on the road and consists of a 2.5km out and back and a 5km out and back loop. Though there was a small field there were some good runners there and i was excited to have a good hit out.

My plan was to run how i felt for the first 5km, hold 4min/km for the middle 5km and then run as i felt for the final 5km. I felt great heading back from the first 5km and as we headed out towards Red Rock i was in third place, with Ed and Tony up in front.

Having never done this race before i had assumed it was flat but there were some hills and rises on the way out, though they didn’t worry my to much. A drink station waited for us at the half way mark but unfortunately i wore most of mine, at least my guts were felling ok this time!

Covering the final 3km to the turn around i kept waiting to see Ed and Tony reach the turn around point, waiting, waiting, waiting and then they turned and they were off. I pushed hard for the 10km mark knowing id made a 10km PB. after that i wasn’t to look at my watch and just run how i felt, and i still felt ok.

Heading back over the hills they felt much steeper than they had on the way out, i knew Mark was gaining on me but heeded Andrews warning to be sensible. The last hill felt like  a mountain and i started to cramp up praying to get to the top and reach the finish line.

I rounded the top of the hill and noticed that there were blue cones that lead through the school to the finish line, i was a bit confused as to if we were supposed to follow them, turning the final corner i went to head along the cones and was called into the finish line by the group, thank god i didn’t have to go any further, i would have been lucky to make it though the cones!

I was happy to be third over all in a time of 1:00:31, if id only known i was so close to breaking an hour! The cramps soon passed when i got some fluid and custard tarts into me and it was a good lesson to make sure i hydrate really well before the race next week.

Mark crossed the line just behind me and is good to go for his full marathon, bring on next week, and the finish line!