Woopi Tri Fest


Every tri I have done to date I always get to the race wondering if I will remember how to do everything. Will I remember to put my helmet on before I unrack the bike? Will I remember to rack the bike before I take it off?

The Woopi Tri is the first race on the calendar for most of us Coffs Coast triathletes, a chance to dust off the cobwebs after a winter of running. I had been up for the kids fun run events the day before which promised wild weather but presented beautiful sunshine! TheUntitled9 - Copy kids events are what I love about these community ran triathlons. I ran the 5km with my daughter (who had never ran that far before) while my son smashed it out and took third place. I had high hope for the following day being a beautiful sunny day and the ocean looked perfect for the swim!

Rocking up on race morning however the weather was tragic! Bucket loads of rain and a southerly wind that had those that had them rushing for their wetsuits and those of us that didn’t huddling together freezing on the beach.

Untitled6 - Copy

The water however was amazing and the swim was the highlight of the day, as the beautiful, clean, warm water enveloped us for the 800m swim.

Out of the swim and onto the bike the rain started to really bucket down. It was so cold from being wet, riding and having the southerly hit us, it was nearly comical, and I chuckled to myself a number of times on the ride at the ridiculousness of it.


Mark – the long suffering boyfriend freezing to death on the bike.

I remembered to rack the bike before removing my helmet but my hands were frozen solid. I could not for the life of me get my shoes on, much to the amusement of the volunteers warm and dry under the veranda who had a good old laugh.

The run heads straight up to the headland where a poor teenage girl who must have done something bad to her mother was standing in the rain and wind at the turn around point.

The only benefit of the rain was that it made the run nice and cool and really enjoyable. Unfortunately the timing equipment had a malfunction due to the weather but I came away with 4th female, and first local home, such a great way to start the season!

More on the Woopi Tri Fest here.


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