Trial Bay Tri 2016


“Number 132 your tyre has just popped in transition.”

The words no one wants to hear as they are making their way to the swim start, especially someone who has, at best, basic knowledge of how to change a tyre. Running back to transition I noticed it was the back tyre, flat as a tack! Bike pumps and spare tubes were thrown over the fence by helpful friends probably wondering if I had any idea as to how to actually change it. Thankfully Mark heard the call and ran in to sort it out.

Thank god it happened before transition closed and Mark was on hand!

If you haven’t done Coastline Credit Union Trial Bay Triathlon put it on the to do list. The event starts in the Arakoon National Park at the base of the Trial Bay Goal and many of the competitors camp in the grounds, right near the beach for a weekend of triathlon fun.

The kids kick the festivities off on Saturday with the wide protected bay offering the perfect safe location for them to experience the excitement of triathlon.

The adults race the following day to a course of 500m swim in the crystal clear water of the bay, a 26km ride which follows the bay around, though the village of South West Rocks, up a nice little hill and back.

The run is mostly off road with the last kilometre being on sand, and the two years I have done this race, with a high tide. Love that soft sand running!IMG_7749

Hearing the siren go to start the swim I dashed into the water, pulling out a flying leap trying to clear the first wave which took me out at the knees and resulted in a belly flop, much to the amusement of the boys still on the beach. Being a quick swim it was over before we knew it and we were out onto our bikes.

There were a great crowd in town to cheer us on and with lots of competitors on course it provided a fantastic atmosphere. Coming back into transition and heading out on the run leg I realised Mark was only just behind me. We have had an ongoing battle in running for a while and I knew it would be on like donkey kong!!


He caught me just as we hit the steep set of stairs that take you back up to the goal. Our friends in the crowd were loving the rivalry and he took his opportunity to shoot past me down the hill. Once out of sight of the others he slowed down and I was able to catch him again.

I loved running through the trails, nice and cool and provides for something to keep the brain busy apart from just dwelling on your fatigue.

Hitting that last kilometre of sand however was as hard as I remembered. It was like someone had put the breaks on. With the high tide there was no where to run but on the soft sand of the dunes, talk about a challenge. It was with much relief that the finish line came into sight.

For a community ran event the number of volunteers that help out is testament to both the great team that pull the event together and the strong community spirit of South West Rocks. There are great raffles and lucky draw prizes and its hard to walk away without having won something (my daughter was thrilled with her suncream!). I was also lucky enough to be an age group winner and fifth female overall.

We will defiantly be back again next year.

For more information on Trail Bay Triathlon.

For more information on Arakoon National Park.

For more information on South West Rocks.



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