OZ Day Fun Run


A nice little hit out before Hell of the West the following weekend was the plan for the annual Coffs Harbour Australia Day Fun Run. I had never done this race before so was keen to have a crack at the two lap course which could only be described as “crossbeach”.

The annual event raises funds for the Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club. This meant that despite the patchy weather there was a good turn out of people of all ages. The race starts on the beach and as we watched the kids start their race on the dry sand with the incoming tide I realised that this run could be a bit of a challenge!

The 5km and 10km runs also started on the beach, tearing through a stretch of dry sand before hitting a long grassy section, over the creek and back onto the sand. So much sand!! As always thought it was great to have the RETRO Tri Crew there cheering everyone on.


There was a good solid stretch of sand dunes along the return trip to begin the second lap and the tide just kept coming in! By the time we hit the beach again with thoughts of finally finishing the race I was in a solid position to be first female across the line so backed off a bit to save the legs, as we were now running on the sand dunes to escape the tide.

IMG_7556 crop

“Push harder!” someone screamed at me as we could see the sand hill we had to climb to reach the finish line up in the distance. No guesses that it was Joey who has pushed me along at so many races, I am very grateful for his encouragement and support. Up the hill i went to claim first female,  nice little boost to the ego going into Hell of the West next week 🙂



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