Welcome 2016

I could not think of a better way to start the New Year than having a hit out at our local Fun Run with the family. This event is a fundraiser for the Coffs Coast Little Athletics Club and well attended by the local running community. We are even lucky enough to have Jordan Gusman and Karlie Swanson participate, both world class runners, which is a great opportunity to pitch yourself against some of the best talent around.


The kids race is a looped run around the beautiful main street of Sawtell on the NSW Mid North Coast. The main event is the 5.25km race which winds through the main streets of this beautiful coastal town finishing up at the Sawtell Reserve, where the Family Fun Day is in full swing. IMG_7311

This is a race where the females get a head start and leave a few minutes before the boys head out to chase us down. As the gun sounded we bounded off down the main street at top pace chasing Karlie. Someone in crowd commented that there was no way I, or anyone else was going to stay with her, and boy were they right! She set a cracking pace and it was all I could do to keep her in my line of sight for the rest of the race, way up there in the distance.

As I was making my way back through town Jordan shot past me asking someone on the sideline how far away Karlie was as he was hoping to run her down, these two are crazy fast!

Turning past the golf course you come to a hill, right where you really don’t want it, and at the time it seems to go on forever (walking it on any other day is not huge deal, running it New Years Day it feels like a mountain!). By this time I couldn’t see any of the front runners and Kaman, another of the top male runners was hot on my heals, we rounded the top of the hill together and then he shot of for the finish line, we’d made it!

What a race! It was so amazing to see those fast guys and girls running, Jordan covering the distance in 15:56 and Karlie in 18:51. Hopefully we will see them both at an Olympic Games sometime soon. I was super happy with my time of 20:55 and I’m looking forward to having an early night again next New Years Eve to have another crack at this race.

** Jordan Gusman has gone on the break the 4min mile, and is shaping up for Rio qualifiers in the 1500m and 3000m events. **


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